Incorruptible‘ is an immediate reflection of my surroundings while living in the woods on the Olympic Peninsula. It began as a personal study using direct observation of found ‘twigs’ while mentally marinating in Wabi-Sabi philosophies (i.e. Truth is found in the observation of nature; ‘greatness’ exists in the overlooked and insignificant details). These still-life/observational studies turned into an almost scientific examination where I was able to identify several lichen, moss, and liverwort species found coexisting on each twig.

Each twig in ‘Incorruptible‘ is isolated from it’s overwhelming environment and elevated to a place where it is no longer an unperceived detail in a forest glance. The original reference twigs are presented with the same care as the paintings to show even after drying out, dying, or going dormant, the twigs still hold their integrity as an ‘object’. My hope with this series is to infect each viewer with a curiosity to dissect what they visually perceive, to question initial judgments of surroundings, and see significance and beauty in the seemingly inconsequential.

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